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The Law of the Jungle

The law of the jungle is true even if you live in the suburbs. Ruth and I have a bluebird house on our deck. We can see it while we eat and while we share our devotions together in the mornings. It has provided entertainment for over the last couple of years. We have watched with pleasure as the bluebird family has made a home there and birthed new family members in their little house.

The other day Ruth came face to face with the law of the jungle. Apparently along with birds on the deck we have a snake living under the deck. The sound of newly hatched baby birds was music to his ears. When Ruth walked into the backyard, she discovered the snake’s tail hanging out of the birdhouse. We assume he had had a taste meal of baby birds.

We considered that a tragedy. We had adopted the bird family as our own. When tragedy strikes, we look for answers to avoid it in the future. So Ruth began searching the google machine for ways to protect the bird house from the snake. We do the same thing with the pain life causes us. Thankfully we can turn to God’s Word for answers.

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