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The Joy of Congested traffic

Most of us detest the terrible traffic that plagues the I-95 corridor. I have one friend who threatens to move every time he gets caught in a traffic jam. Those are usually my sentiments as well. I have been known to take the long way just to avoid sitting in traffic, there is something about moving that is consoling. However, I have gained a new found appreciation for terrible traffic. Certainly it will be a short lived appreciation! Let me share.

Last Saturday, Memorial Day Weekend, I was heading home from the office. To get home I can either take the back roads or I-95. Last year on the Memorial Day Weekend the last place one would want to be is on I-95. However, as we all know, this year is unlike any other. For the last two months, I-95 has been like a stroll in the park, no traffic, no slow downs just smooth sailing. That is what I expected when I left the office. That is not what I got.

I merged on the highway and had not traveled one mile before traffic not only slowed, but it came to a halt. My reaction surprised me. I believed I enjoyed sitting still on the interstate more than I did moving on that day.

As traffic began to flow (stop and go) at the normal pace for a holiday weekend I began to notice the tags on the cars. They weren’t just VA tags, but they were from MD, PA, DC and many New England states. It is hard to explain the amazing sense of joy that swept over me every time I had to apply the brakes. To me this was a sure sign that America was coming back to life at months of “house arrest.”

Let’s continue to pray for those who have lost loved ones, those who are battling this disease and those who have the task of leading this nation, state by state, through recovery. Let’s pray that God will heal this land so that we can get back to normal and COMPLAIN about the traffic.

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