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Integrity still matters

Reading the newspaper or following the nightly news could lead one to give up hope for all mankind. The account of at least one violent crime can be found on the front page of the Free Lance Star everyday. Political bickering is enough to make one sick at their stomach. Occasionally, however, there is a story that shines a glimmer of hope for the people of this country. Such a story appeared in the Wednesday addition of the Free Lance Star.

The Schantz family had been following the stay at home orders and when there was a light lifting of these orders this Caroline County family decided to take advantage of the opportunity to get out of their house.

So on Saturday, Emily, her husband David and their children climbed into their truck for an “old fashioned” trip to town. They headed toward the Short Pump area (in Richmond) for what they expected to be a refreshing but uneventful ride. It turned out to be a million-dollar experience.

“The Schantzes were riding in Goochland County when Emily Schantz drove their truck over what they thought was a bag of trash. Another car had just swerved around the bag. They stopped, picked up that bag and another one nearby, tossed them into the back of the truck and continued on their ride.”

You have probably heard the saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Never was that more true than when Emily Schantz started to dispose of the bags that she thought was trash. She decided to check the bags before throwing them in the garbage, that is when she realized that her trash really was someone else’s treasure. Little did she know that they’d been riding around with a huge amount of cash in the back of their truck. Then of all things they notified a deputy they go to church with, Caroline Sheriff’s Maj. Scott Moser about their find. He advised them to call the Sheriff’s Office.

Officers showed up, counted the money and determined that it totaled nearly $1 million. “It speaks volumes for the high-character people they are,” Moser said. “They are a tremendous example for the entire community. They did the right thing without hesitation.”

The rightful owners of the money have been identified and are still trying to determine how it ended up in the middle of a Goochland road. Hopefully, the rightful owners of the cash will offer the Schantzes a nice reward.

“Their actions deserve nothing less,” Moser said. “They saved someone a lot of money and set a wonderful example for everyone else.”

Thank God for people of character and integrity. They have set their candle on a lamp for all to see.

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